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SLA services at In'Tech are great for concept models, rapid prototypes, master patterns, snap fit assemblies, as well as form-and-fit testing. We offer numerous SLA printing materials you can work with.  Select a material category to learn more.

Accura® Xtreme White
ABS-like, durable & strong, white
Accura® Xtreme Grey
ABS-like, tough & durable, grey
Accura® 25
Polypropylene-like, flexible
Accura® 60
Polypropylene-like, clear, tough & durable
Accura® Clearvue
ABS & Polycarbonate-like, durable, clear
Accura® Fidelity
Accura® Fidelity
Accura® CastPro
Perfect for Investment Castings
Accura® 48 HTR
Strong, rigid, thermal resistance
Accura® Bluestone
Stiff, high-rigidity, thermally resistant
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