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When you are determining the appropriate finishing level, you need to consider the process, material, geometry, functionality, and the desired aesthetics of your design and model.  Our experts will assist you in determining the most appropriate path based on your needs.  Click to contact.

PolyJet Finishing Level Photos

Strip & Ship Matte
Strip & Ship Gloss*
*Gloss Finish depends on material and geometry of design
PolyJet Level 1
PolyJet Level 2
PolyJet Level 3
PolyJet Level 4
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Additional Finishing Options for Levels 3 & 4

Optional service upgrades are available for level's 3 & 4 displayed above.  See the table titled "Available upgrades for Level's 3 & 4" for options available including dye/tint, paint, and clear coat/lacquer.  If you have any special requests, we would love to discuss them with you to determine exactly how we can adapt to your needs.

PolyJet Finishing Option Photos


PolyJet Finishing Videos

Level 3 + Dye
Level 3 + Paint
Level 3 + Clear Coat
Level 4 +  Tint
Level 4 + Paint
Level 4 + Lacquer
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