Objet®Polyjet prototyping from InTech Industries, Inc.

InTech has the largest Objet® Polyjet capacity in North America, with this capacity we are able to turn CAD files into tangible 3D Objet® Polyjet models quickly—in 1-3 Days!

The Objet® Polyjet technology creates a tangible, 3D prototype from CAD drawings by laying droplets of polymer resin down and curing it with ultraviolet lights.
The Polyjet technology (3-D printing) has the ability to build parts in .001” and .0006” layers. After the parts in the build are complete, each InTech model is then hand-finished to your specifications. This includes anything from a rough-edged model to a glossy, painted real-life replica, depending on your needs. The Connex Family of Objet® Printers has the ability to run multiple materials on the same platform. This allows us to achieve overmolding and living hinged parts.

 Get your Instant 3D printing quote and get your polyet parts printed in as little as a day.